Greetings guys and gals.

I found an old laptop of mine and since I don't really use it anymore, I want to try "the linux" on it.

My question is, what's a nice linux distribution to make the windows transition smoother.

I have a vps so I'm not afraid to use the terminal.

I just want vscode and a browser on it, no gaming, no video editing, nothing fancy.


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    What are the specs approximately?
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    Have a look at manjaro, a branch from arch, you could say an "easy" arch, ive been using it with vs code and chromium, no issues and lightweight.
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    @Nanos it's also a good suggestion for old laptops, the last build was 'n bit buggy though
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    I've not updated mine for a while, I hope the new build doesn't break anything.

    It was the only flavour of Linux I've been able to successfully install and last for more than 5 minutes without fatally breaking !

    In the last 20 years..

    I try some every now and then when I have a spare machine to play with.

    Though not so much spare time lately, always so many non-play things to work on. :-(
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    @Nanos know the feel of not having enough time because non play projects take everything, if you ever have time again check manjaro, I have found it quite stable, in terms of the new build of lubuntu I suggest wait 2 weeks +- then update, by then they should have it sorted, luckily sofar minor bugs.
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    Elementary OS
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    @linuxxx i3, 8G ram
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    @imacat Linux Mint, will work well on those specs
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    I'll give mint a try then.
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    @imacat KDE Neon maybe?
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    Thanks for the sugestinos.

    I've installed Linux Mint, i'll use it for a while.

    let's see how long it takes for me to break something.
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    @imacat if you break it you ask for the next suggestion and continue cycle till you find one that works for you, this is the Linux way
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