I really wish i had the opportunity to work at larger companies tht move the industry (facebook, twitter, google, amazon). Just to experiancr even as an intern regardless of what people say negative or positive. Just work with brilliant minds and this will make me see and experiance things and make me a better developer but mainly be myself and a better person.

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    Smaller companies can be better in many ways, and perhaps easier to get into if you can chat to the CEO personally.

    I find as a company grows in size, more red tape and paperwork gets in the way of the fun stuff.
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    @Nanos i guess you are right and there are perks.. I cant help but wonder what it would be like and how much better i would be if i experianced working in the environment :) you know the idea of learning always intrigues me
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    You can learn in any company, granted the learning experience is different in any company.

    In large/big/fang companies in order to handle there own complexity, internal tooling is required. It’s true that you can find smart/brilliant people in those companies. But no all people are smart and bright.

    Large companies are in constant hiring, just apply, some day you will be there.

    Best of luck
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