Alright you Vim users. I get it.

I just spent 4 hours on a train using Vim to edit files all over my disto after going through Vimtutor. I got comfortable enough with it for editing of configs. Maybe with some plugins I could try program with it too 👀

Had I not been on a train I doubt I would've been bored enough to try..

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    That's why boredom is awesome.
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    now I want to learn vim to
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    I got into it after watching a bunch of Luke Smith videos on YouTube.

    I like it, but I couldn't exactly replace VS Code's visual Git integration (and a few other small but annoying user interface things). Tried using a completely separate Git GUI to compensate (GitKraken was nice), but the workflow just didn't feel as smooth.

    So, I still have it as my default text editor and use it for config files or one-off complex edits, but VS Code remains my project editor. :/

    I installed a Vim functionality plugin, which is a decent compromise for now. I actually want to give Emacs a go now before I get too set in my Vim ways. :)
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    @repromancer maybe try spacemacs. The best editor isn't emacs or vim, it's emacs plus vim
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    @host127001 That's tentatively my impression. I definitely want to deep dive into pain Emacs first, but from what I hear the keybindings are like carpal tunnel mapped to a keyboard.

    On the other hand, I heard it doesn't have mode switching, which is my least favorite thing in Vim.

    Looking forward to finishing my current project so I can sink another weekend into this sort of stuff without also sinking into a self loathing depression. :D
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    @host127001 The best editor's is not emacs or vim, it's Atom.
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    It's sublime.
    And nano on cli
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    Yall all wrong, ms word is clearly the best
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    @gitpull I can agree with nano
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    @BindView shit, dude, you are almost correct... The 2003 MS Paint is the ultimate code editor, and don't even try to question it!

    @Froot @gitpull @repromancer @SoulSkrix
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    @dontPanic technically it's a perfectly valid IDE for Piet...
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    It's all about Emacs + EVil mode.
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    @repromancer ++ for Luke Smith
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    Then try neovim, awesome one.
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    Guys, try "vim journey".
    Not saying pay for it, but try. It's fun.
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