So I had an interview set up by the manager to prospective client earlier,

Not sure if it's an actual project interview or the client was just trying to spy on the other department's work, my bet is on a bit of both but more on the latter, and I definitely don't want to be stuck with this guy

Backstory, I have been working for a year on a project at a certain institution whithin one of its division as a vendor, using technology X, and as the contract is coming to an end, my company already tried to sell their resources (me and some other guys) to another project,

One of the prospective client is the other IT division within the said institution, and my manager already scheduled bunch of interviews with their (lead?) for me and the other guys, and does these things ever went well?

*let's call the (lead?)/interviewer as PIC (person in charge)

First guy was scheduled at 10 AM a couple days ago, he came at 9:55 sharp, and the PIC hasn't even arrived at the office, he had to wait 1 hour

Second guy was scheduled two days later, sometimes in the afternoon around 3 PM, and again, the PIC is nowhere to be found, he had to wait more than 30 minutes

Third one was a lady colleague earlier today, supposedly scheduled for 10:30 AM, again, had to wait an hour until the PIC showed up sometime around 11:30

Fourth and last was mine, scheduled for 16:30, and had to wait for almost 1 hour, my manager had to call the PIC to remind him of the interview,

So, next is, the questions, I asked the other 2 guys, but haven't heard anything about the lady colleague (until shortly after), that the questions are around what we've been doing in our current project with technology X, apparently their department is trying to adapt this tech stack and from what I see, they are trying to copy our approach,

Since it's was quite visible from the open, literally the project offer states, Institution N division Y is asking resources with experience of technology X, I assume they would be direct in their line of questioning, but well, bureaucrats, what can I say,

To start, he asked me to introduce myself and my background, being uninterested in this project I tried to undersell myself, I told him I have always been a front end developer, back then I always used native JS and mostly jquery for quite some time, until later I learned a bit about angular and finally thrown into technology X shortly after,

First part of the interview, he pries around what I do in my previous company, I still have something to show around, but I don't remember jack shit about any of it, not to mention the angular stuff, and he asked pretty detailed stuff about angular, and I'm not sure whether his question is testing me, being sarcastic or honestly don't know what he is talking about,

One of the most notable question was, "what is the difference between angular and jquery? Is the syntax is different in any way, how do you use it?"


But I tried to explain it in laymen term with equanimity..., which seems to have the opposite effect but a welcome one, he seems to think I'm an amateur, "ah I see that you might have forget everything about angular, let's move on"

After that move on onto my days at my current company, I have worked on an internal project as training, using MEAN stack, and whoo boy, the proudest moment of my life, I learned most of it and managed to create a simple app in less than a week, but then again I already forgot all about it so I tried to skip this one

Next is my current project with technology X, let's just say it's related with react JS, initially he ask

P: "how long did it take for you to learn tech X?"

Obviously even after a year there's still a lot to be learned

Me: "well, I've just started learning it only since The start of this project"

P: "yes but how long does it takes for you to learn it?"

Me: "I cannot answer that because even until now I'm still discovering new stuff"

After that the PIC guy suddenly insisted to see the project I'm working on, I don't think I was supposed to do this, but since he work in the same institution, and my manager's monitoring the call, I'd say everyone is in knowledge of disclosing a confidential information, so I fired up my laptop and showed him, which doesn't seem to leave quite an impression as it throws up bunch of errors as I was running it, yea it is quite buggy

But then he showed me what he have been working on, a piece of component code, and asked me

P: "explain what's going on here"

Me: "huh?"

Well, his code is not exactly neat, not as structured as ours, I'm quite pissed at how he said that in a condescending manner, I managed to explained it to him easily, but I hope that didn't give me a plus point,

I don't want to get this project because this guy looks like the type to put grunt work to others, and who knows about his mates?

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