So my math teachers who don't even know a single bit about Dev, even ms paint, came into the IT classroom and said

"Learn hard students, get good marks for Advanced Level and get a scholarship. Then become a software engineer. Then you'll have a wonderful life. You'll have a beautiful wife, beautiful kids, Mercedes, big house. You'll be able to live in relaxation"

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    @1989 Yeah.
    Now I feel like penny though.
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    They forgot to the add the part about wearing body armour so you can survive being shot or stabbed better whilst at school !
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    Having been stabbed at school, this gives me a free pass to mention the subject in a slightly humorous manner. :-)

    And brings up the issue, that even if you want to learn in school, sometimes other folk make it hard to impossible for you to do so.

    Bullying still goes on, and little is done about it.
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    @Nanos god dude! someone stabbed you? I'm sorry bruddah. True. bullying Sucks. I always had a one. Even now. A one who hurts me legally from far as he's now a prefect.
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