I had an interesting experience looking for a job.. took me two months and the last days were the busiest.
After almost a month and 3 meetings with one company I was made an offer but that same day I got called from another company for a first interview.
I was already happy with the proposal I had so I directly told the other company that I am about to accept in company X and I have a week to decide.. so they arranged an interview with me in 2 days. On the day of the interview I did all 3 standard interviews with them one after the other and at the last one we were already talking salary.
As I already had something to compare to, I could negotiate.. and I did. I ended up working for the second company even though they offered me a less money.. they just seemed a lot nicer to work for.

My question is: did it help me that I told them about my offer from company X (it's a big company too)?
And can I advise others to follow that example? As in.. get one offer and then get more using the first as leverage to get a better deal?

Or was I just lucky?

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