Why am I annoying to everyone?

As a side thing, why does this guy, who I'm only barely friend day with, keep following me everywhere in school, including sitting next to me with the person I have a crush on, fucking killing the entire hour?

On top of that, I'm trying to stay away from relationships and shit, but this girl is amazing and I get nervous around her as it is. I hate this.

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    👆 This.

    "Be yourself, no matter what they say."
    (Except when you're actually being an idiot. So a little bit of honest self reflection and you should be fine.)
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    You sure you don't have schizophrenia? (I hope not)
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    @speedForce was thinking the same thing.
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    @speedForce I'm relatively sure I don't, however I do have aspergers, so there's that.
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