I could use some advice from some tenured developers... (or anyone with some thoughts)

Long story short, I went to school for business (Trust me... business people bug me too now), but in the last six months of college I didn’t like what I was doing (finance/marketing) so I dove into data analytics.

After graduating I was lucky enough to get a job at a great company doing a little data architecture work, writing lots of SQL stored procedures, managing client databases, cubes, etc... I really enjoy my work, but I recently discovered... Python...

After being introduced to Python from people at work as well as my Roomate, I’ve been trying to dig in as much as possible. I try to read/code at least an hour before work everyday and some when I get home. I love it.

So here’s where I need advice...

What do I need to do/learn to get a job writing Python all day? (Or a majority of my day)

What particular skills may I be missing that I should learn?

What do I need to do to make this happen?! (I love SQL, but damn python is amazing)

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    I would recommend taking a chance at a medium-sized (beyond startup) company that supports growth (traineeship). I'm currently working at such a company as a Python Django developer. I didn't know anything about Django before I started, but the company gave me the chance to learn it. You learn most in your daily working routine I think!

    I have also worked at a few startups for a short time but I think they have a bit less backbone to support learning, if you know what I mean. But this is just my personal experience.
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    @Vykrald Great! Thank you for you thoughts, I like that idea.
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    @meyno Cool :-)
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