I'm a bit bitter that the first half of my associates degree was spent learning php and now that I'm in the job market, fucking nobody wants php 😑 I have other coding skills but like we spent A LOT of time learning a language that nobody is building new applications in.

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    Depends on where you look broski. Here I get nothing other than php. What stacks are normally looked for in your area?
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    Nobody builds with PHP?
    Where are you from?

    Serious questions being it’s all I do 🤷‍♂️
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    If you not comfort learning new tech, Better search for freelance php job and learn wordpress because I heard wordpress dev have good rates
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    @TheCrott I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not...
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    @ALivingMemory This is not sarcasm, just suggestion
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    In the New England area and the common stacks are Microsoft and node stack. I have not seen really any good paying jobs for Lamp. And I'm totally willing and I do learn new techs I'm just mad I feel like my time was wasted
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    I want to try out some more node js professionally but everything around here is PHP, nothing else
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