Any of you at Hackerhotel?

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    Where is that ?
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    AAAAAAAMIIIIIGAAAAAA! And yes, some fine SX64 in the back 👍🏼
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    They are compatible. :-)

    I was using one just a few months ago under W10. (MB still has PS/2 connector, and is the only way to get into the BIOS!)

    You can even get ones retrofitted with USB connection. (Hopefully done well, as off the shelf PS/2 to USB converters often wig out and aren't 100% reliable..)

    Related link:

    > geekhack »geekhack Community »
    > Keyboards »
    > Suitable USB adapters for
    > IBM Model M?

    I upgraded to one without a numberpad, and still getting used to have the \ key has moved from left to right..

    > Rii K63C Backlit Mechanical
    > Gaming Keyboard
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    This is hotter than watching two lesbians scissoring wildly.
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