Funny story from yesterday at work.
Useful to know for later on, the last sentence of the 'convo' is a sentence from a Dutch movie, it basically translates to 'youre fired, vagina' (we swear with that here but it sounds better in Dutch tbh)

Somehow got to the subject of motorbike lessons:

Colleague (M): so just imagine the motorbike instructor arriving for the first lesson and me doing a wheelie right away 😆
Colleague (B): and then his boss coming around at the same time and seeing that happening
(one of our most silent but always on point colleagues) Colleague (c): je bent ontslagen, kut!

Aaaaaand everyone fucking lost it 😂

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    sure you want to use vagina? not a swearword replacement for that?
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    @romangraef Well the literal word is 'kut' which translates to either vagina or pussy...
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    Hahahahah we all need one of those silent ones who literally know when to say what hahahahahahahaha
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    Indeed it should be 'cunt' in this context.
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    Hey Rikkert, je bent ontslagen kut!
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    This makes me want to learn dutch again. Damn...
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    Let me guess... New Kids?
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