When you try and edit a CSS file you did 3years ago.

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    I would shoot in the head the person who took that picture.

    Cat is trapped do i

    a) go help it?
    b) get my camera out to take a picture?
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    Same, I tried to do that yesterday, big time regrets. 😡
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    @SSDD well, it is kinda funny and it's the cat's fault so why not take a picture first - nothing is going to happen to the cat while you get your phone out of your pocket and take a picture
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    @D3add3d other than the cat probably being scared / in pain.

    I’ll dangle you by a Venetian Blind around your stomach and take photo if we ever meet. You can tell me if it’s enjoyable.
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    It would be better and so much easer if when we started we documented the css code!
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