Been trying to get my head around redux for a while now. Am I just too dumb?

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    Dont get frustrated, i know a few people that took their time understanding redux.
    To help you get the hang of it you could try the redux-browser-addon, it helps you track the changes, see the action-history and allows you to undo and redo actions.
    If everything fails i recommend you to read the vuex-tutorial. Vuex is vuejs's version of redux and is similar in many ways. Maybe you'll learn some concepts that way and can transfer them to redux
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    We use mobx. You don't need to understand any concept. It always work
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    Confusing at first.
    Then you realise it's a giant loop.
    Suddenly it's easy.

    Takes a week or two, though ~
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    @sunfishcc Many months have passed and I finally switched to Mobx.
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