Found something true as 1 == 1

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    @Torbuntu on the rocket itself it's probably some embedded version of Linux and on the other side it's probably windows I'm afraid.
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    @Torbuntu No idea, sorry.
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    @Torbuntu Sooo... They're running web blogs on their rockets?
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    darn!! ... i mean, yarn
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    @Torbuntu I think they're using yarn. 😋
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    @Torbuntu @theCalcaholic

    There is no single answer.

    I did some work for a large european aerospace contractor, and the answer to the question "which tech stack" was "which part of the business?"

    Most rockets (Including the Falcon family and Dragon) run embedded platforms with C++ code. Of course, it's extremely strictly checked and tested C++ code.

    In the factories, there's a lot of Python, Java and Matlab being used for simulations, inventory control, quality control, NDT systems, monitoring, etc.

    I worked on a browser-embedded NDT system (the 3-dimensional x-ray videos you commonly see from hospital MRIs) written in pure Javascript, with a NodeJS backend for the raw image datastream & dicom tags!

    And then there's just a lot of websites and intranet crap, rarely critical to the mission, so that's where you find 15 year old PHP code, un-updated drupal deploys and ancient HTML files from when <blink> was still a thing.
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    @bittersweet Very interesting, thanks!
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    The question is what the hell are you installing with npm!? I've never had more than 4-5 seconds! Maybe 20 if we reeaaaaally stretch it out...
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    @jsmrcaga npm combined with my sometime slowing internet speed
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    @jsmrcaga I've had 20-30 min installs when npm needed to compile something on my banana pi (because no arm build was readily available), but else...
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    Since we're talking about JavaScript even 1 === 1 would be more suitable.
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    Thanks all for this all ++. It would be great if this post would go 500++
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    1 == 1 is probably false in javascript
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    @theCalcaholic you either haven’t programmed in javascript very much or don’t understand my jokes...
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    @linkedlist I'm pretty sure it's the second option. :P
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    @linkedlist nah even 1 == '1' is true
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    Sure not === ?
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    @ProTooCool yes also sure for ===
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    You can try `npm i -g space-x-launch-speed`
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    True as NaN == NaN

    Oh, wait..
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    I bought his course once and wasn't satisfied. On his website, it was stated 100 % money back if not satisfied. So I sent him a message telling that I wasn't satisfied, but only got refunded 30 % because I've had seen some of the videos just to get an indication of the content.

    When I told them about the 100 % money back thing on their site, he went on to change it and later replied it wasn't true. But luckily, I screenshot was taken before it got changed.

    Anyway: ultimatecourses.com is a scam.
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    Then stop using npm
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    you are so fucking right
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    true story lol
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