Why Netflix?? What's your problem if I have a private browsing habit? Your friend Amazon Prime doesn't complain about it!!

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    Maybe they need cookies and user related info to feed it to their recommender algorithm to provide the best content for You unlike Amazon?
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    @Avimelekhyeah, but Amazon does it without any constraints. It works perfectly fine even in private browsers.
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    What if you want to watch something that you dont want to be tracked.? Stating the obvious here.
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    @bitsnpieces yes, ideally private window shouldn't create any problem for them. Specially in 2018
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    By private I hope you don't mean tor.
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    @c3ypt1c For Netflix, I guess tor is a far fetched thought . It can't even run on a basic private window in Firefox.
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    @EmptyStack oh that's what you meant 😅 that is a bit strange though...
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