Well fuck you too spammers
Also, this was in my spam folder, did they use css to make that picture show, individual pixels??

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    Wait... did the spam just call you ugly?!

    What sort of fucking guerilla marketing is this?
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    Getting called by spam ugly is a new one 😂
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    R U D E
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    @Charon92 that's a widely adopted spammer technique, like the "place as many typos as possible". Those who fall for that are dumb enough and worth spending the time on. So basically they filter right from the start.
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    I can get the bad spelling, that makes sense and sometimes fools spam protection. But seriously... who's like "Oh boy I sure am ugly. Sign me up baby!"

    I pray to God nobody is like that. For their sake and the world's.
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    @Charon92 imo my characters beats my looks, so if they worded it better i would consider clicking (if the mail wasn't shady as hell). What i mean is they know their audience, insecure men who think with their lower brains.
    And just like with freemium games and alcohol, most money comes from a small group who spends high amounts of money per persons
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    .hotbabe img {
    image-rendering: pixelated;
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    Guarantee they used a grid to make that picture, seen it so many times, btw all I have to say about that message is #r00d
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    If you include the image as base64 in the mail, it is shown right away. It just takes a lot more space, which is why normally you won't do it.
    Guess that's how they did it here 🤔
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    @kolaente inbox removes even those in a spam mail
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    @YouAreAPIRate they used to target ignorance, now they're targeting low self-esteem. I'm impressed.
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    .totally-not-a-bot {
    filter: blur(2px):
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