Prof: So yeah this is going to be difficult. We're going to make the scalable math library. Then we have to make a functional finite elements library using that. Then make a multiphysics engine using that library. This could easily take your entire PhD. Are you prepared for that?

Me: May I show you something?

Prof: Sure, sure.

Me, showing him: We can use moose to code in the multiphysics. It's built atop libmesh for the finite elements. Which can be built with a petsc backend. Which we can run on GPUs and CPUs, up to 200k cores. All of this has been done for us. This project will, at worst, take a couple months.

Prof: ...

Guys, libraries. Fucking. Libraries. Holy fucking shit.

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    Lol, I'm building a raytracer with a few ideas of my own, and my prof said something similar to me.

    I just showed her the Intel Embree library for fast ray-triangle intersections.

    Same response xD

    I ain't gonna waste time testing for intersections, bruh, my work is with the cameras and lights.
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    @RememberMe It's amazing how much work has already been done for us. Please don't waste time yak-shaving... Now time to make my group understand this.
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    It took me over a day to get it... I am ashamed... @romangraef
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