I believe this has saved us every so often...

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    Its a small but extremly useful feature. :)
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    One of the few things I really enjoyed about gmail.
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    @Root actually most email software seems to do this. I know at least Outlook and Thunderbird do.
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    shame it does not work in my language... I sent too many e-mails that said something about attachments when there were none
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    It didn’t worked yesterday for me 🤔
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    Never seen this in my life
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    @Codex404 it’s there in most mailbox and mailing softwares.
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    Hell, I sometimes intentionally "forget" an attachment so it buys me more time to finish what was already supposed to be done. ;-)
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    With my dumbass constantly sending applications without attaching a CV, this feature would be great
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    I use this feature in thunderbird intentionally because I am too lazy to search for the "add attachment" button all the time ;-)
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