Bloody Windows kept waking up after a few seconds of being suspended. Someone here mentioned it could be the mouse, so I disabled its function to wake the pc . And you know what? That piece of trash windows still kept waking up for no reason. Makes me angry.

So I found this magic command 'powercfg/lastwake', which shows the reason for the last wake. And look at that! The fucking realtek network shitcard is allowed to wake windows.

Why would windows enable that on its own? Why? Because I for sure did not make this change and suspend was working for me until a few months ago (yes, these kind of problems take me very long to fix, even though it would tske only two minutes).

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    So let's check the device setting for that shitty realtek card. .... It wakes the PC WITHOUT A FUCKING MAGIC PACKET. What is WRONG with you windows? So, any network packet will wake my machine? How dumb is that? Why has this even been implemented?

    At least I found the problem now. Thanks Microsoft. Good job guys!
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    Seriously, how DUMB is that??? I can't get over it!
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    "I'd say at least *this* dumb!"

    Glad you were able to find the issue, though. I'll try to remember it!
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    Had almost the same issue with shutting down. It would almost instantly log me back in. Turned out to be a setting called fast boot or something. Noe i understand the need for fast booting but a shutdown means shut the hell down already!!😂
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