Shit happens... but never let your shit go to far... specially while in production or drunk.

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    Maybe he was just sick of everyones shit :)
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    Sounds like Mitch had diarrhea, you can't help it!!!
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    My man, Mitch!
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    Mitch needs to get the next round. And the one after that. Otherwise forgiven.
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    Mitch should get a raise
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  • 4
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    I see mitch changed companies and now is at it again huh https://devrant.com/rants/1022006/... 😏
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    Mitch is da real MVP
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    A few minutes after that... poor Mitch
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    I once made the same mistake. I was working for an app company and there was a sheep sound build in to the IOS app. I wanted to test the sound with my own device. 400000 people got the push message with sheep sound :)
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    @Sauruz 😂😂😂
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    I love you, Mitch
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    Mitch for President!
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    since they mentioned that 4 million user I'm pretty sure they were just advertising them selves. I could be wrong though
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    Godamnit Mitch.
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    I worked a lot with native apps in the last years and saw this happen to a lot of popular apps in that time, including ours.

    We didn’t sent emojis out, but invited everyone for breakfast (nobody showed up though).

    What I take from this is that it is way to easy to send a push notification to everyone and the respective tools and frameworks are not sufficiently secured against this. Often They also have a poor UX, which doesn’t help.
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