how many people started learning to program on a commodore 64?

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    Well ... I was first exposed to computers via C64 when I was maybe 8 - I'm thinking 1983 or thereabouts. We were the only family I knew that had a computer. I'd type in ASCII codes for making graphics on the screen. And my Dad bought a number pad so my brother and I could manually type in code for games (Moon Lander FTW!)

    I spent hours on that machine, then the Amiga 1000 and 2000 where I started playing with 3D graphics in a program called Imagine.

    I actually didn't understand anyone's desire to be a programmer until I was working Tech Support for a software company and wrote some fancy DOS batch files with a menu system for a client in the mid 90s. Then I realized it was just solving a great, big puzzle and saw the fun in it.

    Now I program for myself/my business. Still not so interested in being a developer for someone else!
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