!rant. Going to start a project with my beloved wife.

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    All the Best! :)
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    Shall we wait nine months for the outcome?????¿?
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    I was just scrolling fast and I misunderstood "beloved" with "developed".

    I honestly clicked ASAP because I thought you'd have a wife repo or something. Good luck with the real one tho.
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    @rookiemaverick they should hire a project manager. Will make 9 resources work in parallel to get the result in a month 😁
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    @rookiemaverick damn you beat me to it
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    Is your wife also a dev then? Mine's a musician 8)
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    I expect rants soon. 😏
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    Wife: Do you know what being romantic means?

    Bluesky: What do you think it is when I discuss code with you?

    Wife : huh??? Really?

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    @dr-ant This app isn't called HubbyRant is it? 8)
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    @FunkDelegate Haha! Well if hubby is a teammate this would be a good outlet, don't you think? Guaranteed laughs. :P
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    @dr-ant "let's go outside and fight in public!" Would be cool. People could join in the fight if they want. Or comment. Or give a grade, or assign a winner, or... 8)
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    @FunkDelegate that's right. Endless drama. Endless fun.
    Stay tuned for total.

    Wait. Wrong show.
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    @dr-ant Hmm. I loathe drama. I almost forgot 8) Sartre said "L'enfer, c'est les autres." Hell isn't about pits with flames licking the open wounds of pour bastards tortured by tentacled pervs. It's just a room with 3 random people. 8)
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    Good luck, worst and best projects I had was with my gf. She most of the time knows what you mean but also you have to be very gentle towards your beloved because pushing her to work can make her.. Well.. Cry.
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    @FunkDelegate Haha three can be fun too. But mostly if you're watching them from outside. Preferably through a TV.
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