Just started learning gnuplot yesterday. Sure, it's not the shiniest of tools, but I'd heard enough about its performance to give it a go.

It's like learning vim. You Google thrice to write a single functional line. You spend hours trying to find a single command for a single task.

But. GODDAMN. This thing's the fastest plotting framework I've ever dealt with. I love Matplotlib, but as great as its plots are, when I need to plot shit up in half a second, I've found a new friend.

Also, tutorial suggestions appreciated.

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    Gnuplot is da shit man. For POCs, it is very helpful when you have to plot a gazillion points to show trends and stuff and you dont wish to get into all fancy things. That is what I am using it for currently.

    If you ask me about the tutorial, I dont think there is a need to learn all the commands (or features) because I guess its very vast. Learn as you need is what seems the best way to go about this.
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