I’m a college senior now. The best CS class I ever took was in high school. Our teacher didn’t know how to write software, instead he went around on day one and has us submit proposals for year long projects.

With each project, we had to find mentors in the industry who could help us if we got blocked. Every other week we meet with the teacher (who was more a facilitator) and described how the project was coming.

The results? We had final products that were well beyond the expectations of a high school and more impressive than any project I’ve seen at my university.

Why can’t all STEM programs be like that? Students have incredible ability, but are blocked by traditional education. Let students set the bar.

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    And the best part is when you're applying for a job you can be like, "yeah I worked on this year long project and these were the outcomes". Can't do that with our current education.
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    My experience with "web building" in highschool sucked ass... the teacher told us to go to some crappy website with a WYSIWYG editor that let you drag elements around a crappy looking template... Meanwhile my dad was teaching me to build PCs and work with the Linux terminal :)
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