I think CS education is getting weaker and weaker every year.
Since they released CS GO, CS seems to be overtaken by little cry kiddies who put out insults like an AK on speed.
I wish CS education was like when CS 1.6 came out.
Those were great years to learn gungames on The Simpsons maps and you were actually able to land headshots by skill and not just utter luck.

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    Back in the good old days ... !
    *shakingly wagging with good ol' knife*
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    Yeah shooting zombies .. pshhhsh .. that's just lazy and stupid approach.
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    That is not the CS I was talking about but that’s certainly a fun way of looking at it.
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    CS:GO Whipper Snappers! Get off ma' lawn!
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    Despite cs:go has hugh success. I think cs:swift and cs:js are we need the most!
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    Joined the conversation about Computer Science and how to change it, instead kids talking about a 1hit 1kill game.... Smh rant inside a rant
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    I thought we're talking about cyber sex?
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    Whatt?? I thought we were talking about Cvisual Studio 🤔
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    @sunfishcc haha good one! 😄
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    @electrineer No it's all about Christian Science education. Or Adobe Creative Suite, you need certification to handle Photoshop. Or Cesium, you gotta be educated a bit to handle that stuff.
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    It took my so much longer than I care to admit to realize you meant Counter Strike.
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    @nicholaslyz I know that feeling even though I myself haven't played much CS.
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    @BlueNutterfly do you know the feeling when you realize top 10 richest professional esports players all come from dota 2?
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    @BlueNutterfly No, I lied. All top 48 are data2 players, expect Faker.
    BTW 49 and 50 are both Wolf and Band also from lol skt team.
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    For your ingenuity, have a ++
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    That is why I left CsGo
    Too many cheaters in high rank, low challenges and broken hitbox
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    This CS analogy gave me a hard on
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    This is what happens on every field, each generation study less broad and more focused, this means less general shit and more usable skills.

    This si why nowdays CS is full of script kiddies.
    Ext bug thing will be the no code coding, either by using blocks to build logic and/or by AI, brace yourself. Your own obsolescence is coming and you will help build it.
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