Steam knows I will be buying a game tomorrow.

Next thing we know, the robots have taken over our civilization.

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    Nice game xD
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    You still have time to change your fate!
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    Maybe they already have and we are all in a simulation 🤔
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    To be fair, Max Payne 3 is great and if you can run it, you should pick it up. Make it a self fulfilling prophecy!
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    Steam's UI hasn't changed much, it's been okay but also has a TON of room for improvement that hasn't happened ever and probably won't because they have no obligation nor pressure to change due to a pseduo-Monopoly on PC game sales. Shit like this happens EVERYWHERE, not to mention the lag that's omnipresent in big picture mode and the fact steam controllers are godawful to use on the software side because of it (even though I really like the hardware)

    Valve has no reason to change and it's kind of disappointing.
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