Replace the teachers with no real world experience with part-time workers that are still active in IT.

I had this last year in my final year of vocational education and it was amazing, I had two teachers running their business two days a week and teaching us everything on the three remaining days.

I learnt about oop without dogs and cats, I learnt to extract information from invoices to be able to create an invoicing system without being misled by customers, and much more.

Second thing would also be something we did in my previous education. It was called "learning productively".

Basically, companies would give a project to the school and students could pick one to do for a few months. You had to have meetings with the customer, you had to give presentations and it wasn't another fucking calculator.

I've had the pleasure of working with a big corporation like this and learnt a ton in my first year.

These were extremely valuable, I think I'd still be a piece of shit developer without any knowledge on how to actually develop a full system and how to manage a project as a dev.


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    excellent idea
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    What school did you go to ?
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    @KeyStark I went to ROC Midden Nederland. It's a school for vocational education in the Netherlands
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    Brilliant suggestion!
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    This so much. One of my teachers also asked me if i wanted to help with some projects from her business because he's way too busy and now, 6 months later, i'm finishing my 3rd project and i'm also getting paid on top of learning new stuff through real world experience.
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    I can agree with you on this we have a professor named mr. Thompson at our University who takes a pay cut from being a normal professor and runs his business on the side.

    He is the best professor at our University even though he makes a fraction of what the other professors make.

    I would learn so much from his classes.
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