So I made another Forza livery. This time for Honda NSX

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    Notice: Android logo is not readable, and does not fit the others (not white).... Anyway totally awesome 🤗
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    I'd drive it.
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    Well that's good quality
    Does it look like this while playing? I saw some game play videos that look kinda bad graphics wise
    Also do you have to level and gain money, or can you just get random cars and tune the shit out of them and cruise in freeroam
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    @Kimmax this game looks fantastic. The attention to details is staggering. You have to unlock new cars, but you get new car while you level up (sometimes you have to pay some for fancier cars, but you get them with much lower price than usual), you can unlock them doing challenges, or you can get them while they’re on promotion... Or just buy it at normal amount.

    If you want free roaming... then you’re better with Forza Horizon 3. Forza Motorsport 7 is focused on track racing
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