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    they actually taught me git and version controls
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    they actually learned us git in the first semester
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    Learn it yourself.
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    As with everything, learn yourself through experimentation and pain.
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    You can learn this on the job or when needed. But to grab the basic concept of one of the repo, still you might wanna sit in distributed system class.
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    @QAgMire same
    Not even 1 mention in my 4y BS.E.....
    But hey we did physics, statistics, reliability and algebra I'm sure it's more important.... Smh
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    We learnt about pull and push and that was about it...
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    We didn't have one mention of it my whole college education until my last year of college, on the last month, and a week before finals, we had a guest speaker...

    All group projects we used email or flash drive version control.

    So yes, I learned about it and learned it myself after the speaker had left, but it would have been super beneficial if they mentioned it at least in the intro to Computer Science class. They literally could have taken a couple days to teach it to us or at least mention it.

    Also, the guest speaker mentioned GitHub at the time and said unlimited private repos if we have an edu email address. -_-

    Would have been really great my whole college life...
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