Isn't the point of the 20++ receive stickers idea supposed to be an incentive for posting good content?

I've only joined recently and maybe I've missed the point, but I feel like surely people asking for it are just doing it for the stickers, they're not actually contributing to the content here?

Maybe I'm wrong but that's just the vibe I get?

On another note, screw logs (screw me more like). Spent 2 hours completely missing what the error message was trying to tell me and debugging in places I didn't even need to touch.

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    We don’t allow asking for points any any new signups that ask for 20++ for stickers will have their rants deleted.
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    @dfox ah okay good, that makes it much clearer. Thanks!
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    Meanwhile I'm here at 10k and didn't send the email cause I don't know
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