After a year of college give everyone 2 hours to solve a programming problem in the language of their choice. Like implement a doubly linked list, or count the number of primes between two integers or something straightforward. Anyone who can’t do it gets kicked out of the major.

I’m sick of dealing with people who are 3 or 4 years into a CS degree, and can’t do 30-line programming assignments in two weeks. I might have to work with one of these clowns someday and I hope to God that my university doesn’t send them into the workforce with a degree.

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    In my year we had a basic programming test at the end of the first year. One hour to solve a problem. I think mine was just iterate over a loop and print it out. All the standard calls were provided.

    I'm in no way a special developer but between reading and understanding the question, implementing, testing and rechecking because what the fuck everyone else is still typing I took about 10 minutes.

    We had plenty fail that test and they dropped it in following years
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    We had something like that. It was called "Algorithms and Data structures".

    It had a fail percentage of like 30-40%, and required almost no programming knowledge, just pure logic and understanding of data structures and how they work and perform.

    I absolutely loved that course!
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    @brahn I’m in the same corse right now and I’m loving it. It’s the kind of gratification I’ve been needing, I actually find myself wanting to translate these algorithms into code more than I want to do anything else.
    This is the stuff I wanted to be doing when I got into CS.
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