I wanted to watch a movie with a far away friend. Stayed away from screensharing and used rabb.it (they spawn firefox in a container/vm and stream it to viewers). The movie i wanted wasn't in the list, so i navigated firefox to youtube. The video was blocked whereever firefox runs -.-
Got creative, pasted the youtube-link onto a download-site and opened the download-video-link in firefox. Firefox attempted to open the video -.-
I tried to create a minimal webpage with the video in about:blank and the devtools-console. Firefox was configured for american keyboard layout, in the end i had to copy-paste everything with non-alphanum-characters in it.
Shortly after the youtube-video was loaded and ready to be watched, i felt like god if he ever were to use a pc. Then i got the message "my roommates made me go out with them tonight" -.- With the knowledge that both of us wont spend the evening as planned all my accomplishments seemed to perish.

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    At first I thought this would turn into a xkcd-196-like scenario
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    At least you tried. Big hug.
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