How many browser tabs do you have open right now?

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    Home pc: zero
    Work lappy: like 22
    Phone: zero
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    It will be more than 50 in couple of hours. I close tabs when work is done
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    Like 4 on my phone and 0 on my laptop
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    A nice clean 0.
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    6 in Firefox, 2 in chrome
  • 1
    I use and throw tabs. Keeping them too long is not my thing
  • 2
    I'm not programming, just working on my manuscript.

    So I have about 6.

    Online dictionary (just in case)
    An online thesaurus.
    My manuscript on google docs
    Writer's Digest first motivation.
    Another part of my manuscript (a small part for my phone. It's complicated.)
    And a tab for research.
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    lappy: ~25? holy shit, have to clean up.
    mobile: 1 (that sticky firefox tab that pops up, if youve closed all others)
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    4 tabs
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    0. Am on public transport.
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