I want to make a "game" on learning spoken languages so people can study while not stressing out on the learning.
The disadvantages:
-Method to memorize is different with every person
-Stress and frustration
-Motivation killer
-Can be interesting, depends on user's interest and willingness
-Explore vocab by exploring or reading in-game texts
-Grammar is heavily broken down to help relate meanings and thorough understanding of a sentence as well as slang
Why I put disadvantages first was to see how the software will impact a person's negativity/postivity when using it. As in for example, when you see something that is difficult to understand, users tend to procrastinate or drop it due to it being "difficult"/alienated.
-- onto the rant--
Many apps have really awful way of teaching, its just 3-4 apps chucked into 1 aka all-in-one and expects people to pay just because of the all-in-one app containing flash cards, sentences, audio etc. I use my phone (android) and normally during my intern or my way to school, I would do my reading in the other languages, (separate apps, all free). Also apart from that, students sometimes take 2 years to learn but drop because it's difficult.
TL:DR; apps and classes give shitty lessons, I want to outdo them and let students have a better chance at studying new spoken languages.

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    That's a difficult topic since depending on what language you're learning and which one is your native language, the pattern to how you learn is going to be very different because of the different points of reference. A good first step would be to read up on some of the psychology/sociology around learning in humans just to see the most common mechanics as to how we work. Do keep in mind that it's nigh impossible to make something that would work for everyone. 😕 Not that that should discourage you, but it's something to be aware of, it's going to be hard work.
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    @Navigatr thank you, I will look up on those. I don't mind but I enjoy challenges that can help people with some things :)
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