Am I the only one to hate Google drive window's client? It Is far slower than OneDrive/Dropbox. If you work inside the drive you could lose shit, If you remove a file window says it can't be removed but after the error message he does it and If you log out the client..It removes the virtual drive with your files onπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ what the fuck Google, what the fuck

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    I had the same problem with OneDrive. It wouldn't sync files. Moved to Google Drive and now everything works much better.
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    @Cthulhu what's wrong with these clouds?!

    *Old man yells at cloud.jpg*
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    Switch to Drive File Stream to manage Drive content, it's a much better client and doesn't suffer from odd sync issues. Or, if it's for personal use its called "Backup and Sync" now. The old desktop drive client is horrible.
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    I'm using file stream because I have a business account...still same problems
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    @ozeta86 Hmm, sorry to hear!

    I found it solved a lot of issues that the original Drive client suffered from, but yes it does need to be running to access the drive which is a blessing and curse at the same time...
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    Think that sometimes I have to exchange files to coworkers with telegram than gdrive because it's almost immediate πŸ˜‘
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