Don’t teach with LOGO, but instead start with Scratch, then something more advanced like Python and after that maybe C# or Java.
Teach different operating systems and software, not only Windows and Microsoft Office. There should be class with Linux (Mint for instance) with LibreOffice and another with macOS and iWork.
Teach basic troubleshooting steps.
Less theory, more practice.
Ability to use own laptop (I would be really happy to use my own one).
Teach basic commands for Windows and Unix based systems.
Teach how to install Windows and Linux.

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    We started off with scratch on Linux Mint, then went on to Javascript.
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    I started with logo and visual basic. When I was a kid like 18 years ago. I'm a mere web dev but one of my buddies from then went on to start his own gaming company and is one of the smartest devs I know.

    I mentor quite a lot of people and have a young sister and I try to think about my experience and how can I help others and I think the reliance on internet answers when learning is what makes terrible learners. I get that google and SO are important tools but people nowadays seem to be so impatient and being able to endure the discomfort and think by yourself is a much more critical tool than the particular language you're learning.
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    C# and Java are terrible languages to start out with
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