We should teach people early on how to collaborate with others in a team atmosphere. It’s hard to get code into production on your own, and once it’s in production it’s not your code anymore, it’s everyone’s. Everyone should have a say.

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    So, how do you collaborate successfully with others ?

    I find the dictatorship model works best so far in my experiences.

    But the dictator must listen !
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    @Nanos I consider myself to be a great dictator.
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    @Nanos that’s a very complicated answer. There are tons of factors that influence how a team can be successful together.
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    Indeed complicated.

    I'd be interested to hear some of the answers if anyone cares to share.

    I've rarely seen teams working well together, and have seen an awful lot of teams that did not work together.

    As such, I know very little in the way of, things to do to make a successful team !
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    @Nanos it should be a topic of the week on devRants. I would love to discuss it in more detail.

    The most important thing imo is that the person organizing the team is responsible for the team working well with each other, whether it’s a random manager or a CEO. They need to facilitate communication between the team members, do activities to build he team’s trust between the members, squash issues when they pop up, etc.

    The core of any successful team is a foundation of trust! It’s a very valuable thing to have, and teams with no trust end up having other problems like finger pointing and cover-your-ass syndrome.

    So much more to talk about and no room!
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    Do threads run out of space then. :-)
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