I haven't checked devRant for so long now. So, update.
I started learning PHP, in spite of everyone saying it's shit. I actually like it. I finally published my first website (www.stevit.rs) and few apps along side that. Oh, and two apps and a website are in the construction as I'm writing this. And on the main website, I'm creating a new section - Testimonials. It was more interesting than I thought to collect those.
Now, you might be thinking "But Steva, this isn't ranting :O"
Hell, yeah, it is. Because I also have school and shitty study plan in Informatics. I also have a bunch if bad grades that I need to fix. I have deadlines everywhere, I don't know how am I supposed to finish everything on time.
Wish me luck.. :(

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    I want to be motivational, but you said PHP...

    Kidding PHP is great in the right hands and gutter trash in the wrong hands.

    Good luck with you’re studies and always find time to keep learning 🙌
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    Not many people objectively hate PHP. It has some cool benefits over other languages and does let you get up and running very quickly. That being said, it gets a bad rap because it also is a double edged sword and allows you to write really terrible code with few immediate consequences. Just wanted to clarify your first statement. Good job on the site.
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    @ckornichuk I can agree with that
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