Easy fix! have students that actually want to learn. That’s what makes the difference.

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    yeah and nah,
    i've given some tutoring lessons and most of those only wanted to get the next assignment done. And some didn't even want to code.

    But there is a Problem with the teaching techniques. They are outdated and teach the ones who want to learn the wrong things. They lead them astray from the "right" path.

    What's worse in some cases that might crush a childs dream.

    I don't say feed them, i say teach them how they can teach themself how to feed themself
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    Also teachers that motivets the students. I search most of my Programming knowledge is slowly getting flushed in the name of the entreprise
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    I agree 100% that it is also in the professor’s duties to find ways to motivate.


    You need to understand that an awful lot of professors are professors out of their vocation. They really try with all their heart to teach. As best as they CAN.

    THINK that a professor is not necessarily perfect at:

    a) entertaining people (great way to keep people motivated). Different audiences need different jokes.

    b) selling (great way to provide goals that motivate people). Different audiences need different goals.

    c) reading people (great way to help individuals to focus and motivate). Different students have different psychologies.

    d) being a ninja (great way to split yourself into many so you can attend classes of hundreds of students with different needs individually).

    e) no comment on pay.

    YES! the unicorn may be able to do all... But a regular human trying to teach their students CAN ONLY MOTIVATE THOSE WHO PUT SOME F@&#%* EFFORT TO BE MOTIVATED.

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