never again wifi problems 😍

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    That looks really good.
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    I love this picture 💕
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    Are you planning to listen on every bluetooth/wifi/gns-frequency? Or are you just planning to put wifi-jammers near every starbucks? (I'd totally create a new account and ++ twice if you'd do that)
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    In ten years from now, we'll look back at this and laugh.
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    No Wifi. No problems.
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    What did you get?
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    @nik123 we should start an event where every dev blocks startbucks wifi and makes a social media post about it

    (That leaves the question how they post it when they have no wifi, we can find a solution later)
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    @nik123 13, but not all are available in every country
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    Shit, looks like lede have some problems with two wlan carts from the same type.
    @Highwind two apu2c4 from pcengines
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    whoa, after swapping the places of all cards, it works now 😊
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    alu foil hats are prepared.
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    @Condor yup, and the faraday cage must be grounded in order to be "effective". 😉

    It's always funny how people can exist believing a tin foil hat would protect them from hyperspace illuminati mind control transmissions. 🤣

    Btw. a yagi would probably be the most effective because of it's directional character. I heard of a contest in the US where some guys established a standard WiFi 2.4 GHz connection over a distance >100km (if I remember it correctly) with yagi antennas. (They were not allowed to modify the transceiver of the laptop or amplify the signal, only antenna mods were allowed)
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    Damn!! Smells good.. What are you cooking
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    Easier and better to just use cable.
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