"Programmers Know Everything"

Im writing this as myself cause, well this tends to happen to me alot!

When ever a friend or a friend of a friend has an issue with a website or just their computer they run to me, which is all fine but if I say "I dunno? I never heard of this issue so I do not know how to fix the problem."
Their response is normal "But dont you do websites? Surely you know how to fix a virus or bluescreens ?? "

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    Worst case scenario::: some of them even wanted a developer to repair their broken screen 💻 without buying a new screen...😕
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    @Mayomi 1 business hour could cost a lot more than trashing the screen and replacing it... so yes, I second you

    Some people.
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    I do know everything. I know what color the dinosaurs were. I know all of the species in the Amazon. I even know where you buried Bitcoin is.

    Don't believe me? Go check. I can wait.

    Just make sure to post a pic with GPS metadata afterwards. 😀
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