I dont see why recruiters find it relevant to ask how many lines of code a piece of software has. Like seriously why!?!?!?!

It by no means measures the quality of the code or the usability or complexity of the software.

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    They must be recruiting for gov job. The gov loves to measure productivity by lines of code ๐Ÿ™„. You can also apply this productivity measure to "words on a page" which gov also seems to love. And it's a wonder why the codebase is 20,000 lines (when it could be 500) and why gov docs are hundreds of pages when they could be 5. I don't get it either.
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    I guess its what happens when you have people who have no idea about the job and no idea how to measure your skill. It really sucks
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    Just in the master branch or should we add all lines from all branches together?
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    Maybe it's just interesting for them. I remember myself asking this a few times when I was starting out.
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    Maybe they're measuring how efficiently you made it. You can come up with a rough estimate of a projects codebase. If a calculator has a 10M+ line codebase, they will not hire you lol.
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    The answer is 666
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