Is there a polite and appropriate way to tell your superior he needs to wear some fucking deodorant? It's affecting my god damn performance every time he comes close to my cube

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    Ask him how often he takes a shower. That might give him the hint.
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    @Michelle I was thinking either that or just leave a bar of deodorant on his desk with a bow on it. Who doesn't like anonymous gifts?
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    Not if he/she is supposed to be a 'professional'. Likely outcome of any acknowledgement/correction of his/her odor is anger followed up by a poor review (with lots of made-up excuses for poor performance) or worse, a visit to HR to discuss your lack of teamwork.

    I've found a passive-aggressive approach that worked.
    Stay late/get there early (so no one sees you) and leave a bar of soap and/or bottle of dandruff shampoo on their keyboard. If your superior is male, select a feminine smelling/name brand soap. The psychological affect matters more if the supervisor is male.
    There will be anger, there will be an investigation, but hopefully the embarrassment factor will get him/her to take their hygiene seriously.
    Good luck.
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    Embarrassing, but a good idea.
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    how about an adult conversation "i noticed a bit of body odor from you the other day, you must be working hard. I can recommend a good deodorant" instead of being a teenager about it 😉
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    "Woah dood you honk! Are you planning to supply us all with company branded gas masks or might you raid the petty cash to fund a bar of soap? Either way, back off until the issue is resolved. In the meantime, Skype me if you need something."
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    An anonymous email or letter? "Dear X. I'm struggling to find an appropriate, non confrontational and polite way to tell you that your body odour is sometimes overwhelming. You're probably unaware of it (and I may be oversensitive to it) but I know that if i were in the same position I would want to know. Hence sending you this email. I hope you understand that no offence is intended. My kindest regards. Anon.”
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