Why isn't my touchscreen working?

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    At first I thought it was shattered and crushed by a hammer, and thought "oh god, how could someone?"

    Then I saw what it actually was. And. and... 🤢😢

    Now I'm cringing and thinking I'd prefer if it was the first...
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    Purge it with fire please!!
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    kill it before it puts eggs!!!!!
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    I haven't seen an iMac or MacBook that has its screen without a single fingerprint. What's wrong with this people? I have to clean mine every two days because I can't stand a dirty screen.
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    @Archer04 i cant see one fingerprint on my screen. that freaks me out
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    @jakobev right!? It's worse when someone asks me something and touch my screen thinking that it's touch because it has a glass panel. I'm like WTF!? Who gave you the permission to touch my shit?
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    @Archer04 hahaha yeah mate its disgusting..
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    THAT'S the bug, not THAT!
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    Ohhh. my eye hurts 😵😵😵
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    Clean that. Now.
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    Have you tried to turn it off and on again?
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    Guh... first the bugs in the trashed computer, now this... This pizza is really not going to stay in my stomach :x
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    Must have been some really small inbred child
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    Dam son!! Looks like people took a dump on it.
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