Almost everyone nowadays uses a PC, Laptop, Smartphone but sadly not even 60% of the total potential of the hardware is being used.
And no - you don't require custom cooling to use the whole 100% of the total potential, stock cooling is more than enough.
IRL "programmers" these days don't do any fscking effort to optimise their code and give it all up as some kinda shitty "hot patch" - code of their looks disturbing with no security features + optimisation. (wAnBlOwS products remain an example)
Even when you're using python you can push your project to limits. Instead of shoving face-size ASCII banners why don't chaps stress test their projects? Oh I forgot the community runs on show-offs and CVs ...

Note to Self : Optimisation is the key to integrate Technology with Nature.

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    @Artemix the truth has been spoken
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    Optimization is good,


    How much time would you spend? You usually get diminishing returns. So you spend 1h, find some stuff you can make better, you get 25% improvements in speed or memory. Then you spend 1 more hour, to find a tiny place you can make better, so you get 10% improvement. And then you find a library written by some PhDs and contributed to by 100 other people, that does part of the work you do yourself. Replacing it gets you 5% more improvement. And so on...

    Where do you stop?

    Where do you stop making old shit fast, and instead create new shit.

    How much do you charge per hour? How much hardware can you buy with that money you spent on optimization?

    As a professional, you must always think about this first. Otherwise you're wasting someone else's money on your little hobby.
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