Stop teaching people deprecated bulls*it.

I'm taking a "Web Design" course and the teacher wants us to use html attributes and the <font> tag to format pages. He doesn't allow us to use CSS. Says "We'll get to CSS later, right now I'm teaching you HTML". He thought us the <frameset> thing which isn't even supported in HTML5. And of course no <header>, <footer>, <aside> etc.

Same thing in my C++ course. The computers don't even have a C++11 (or newer) compiler. Just an old version of Code::Blocks we're not allowed to update. It does support C++0x so you can still get some of the features, but still.

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    Maybe he prepares you to your first jobs that, maybe, require you to understand prehistoric stuff.
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    True story. It's good you know what's deprecated. Deprecated alone doesn't changed the codebase. You're going to likely recode things in the workforce. @HelloItsMe
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    This is how you learn to code, you start with basic stuff doesn't matter if deprecated or not, do you think I wanted to spend hours playing with C pointers ***** when now I'm mostly using Java?
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    Sure, I agree with you. I won't fault my for using rand() instead of <random> even though it's deprecated.

    But C++11 adds a lot of new features that make things simpler. The auto keyword, for instance. for (auto &i: vec) doSomethinWith(i) is simpler then for (int i = 0; i < vec.size(); ++i) doSomethingWith(vec[i]). And so on. There's no reason to teach us the deprecated versions, when the newer ones are simpler and safer.
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    thank god it isn't turboC!
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