Bit off topic but...does anyone ever shut their laptop down? Or do you just close the screen once you're done for the day and continue from where you left off the next?

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    It depends on what am I using it for. If it stays in the office I just log out and put it to sleep. If I use it on uni, I shut if off, sometimes even in between lectures. I rarely use it at home so it stays turned off. It wouldn't survive more than 24h in sleep mode without AC anyway.
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    I always shut it down. Think a bit about the environment pls. It consumes energy the whole night which also costs money.
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    I shut it down at night. Apart from the energy costs, my previous laptop died from not being able to get out of sleep mode, so I am still suspicious of it
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    I mostly use it at university, so I turn it off when working at home, other than that I default to sleep mode or hibernation.
    Sometimes I forget to shut it down afterwards which results in draining the battery completely. :/
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    @qwert I always shut mine down because I don't like having it in sleep mode, it consumes energy and although I haven't seen any difference in battery life I don't wanna take the chance
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    I put mine on suspend for long breaks. I occasionally shut it down. Like when I'm travelling somewhere.
    Otherwise, it's always on. I use a ThinkPad T470 with Debian Stretch.
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    @hazelnutlatte Wow. You're from England. You should know that I'm an Anglophile. Love your name btw.
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    @notroot haha thanks.
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