My first rant here is about the absence of sign-up with Facebook or Google or GitHub here :/

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    Honestly, it's not that big of a deal. If you can't take 2 minutes to type the info in, then that's just sad. Like my God you've got an email already, you know a password. Just type the shit in. It's one thing if it took forever to sign up, but there's nothing complex to it.

    Welcome to devRant though.
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    Why? Linking services makes it easier to link accounts to people. Most people here don't want to be recognized anywhere.
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    Anonymity and privacy is the order of the day here, and data hoarders like FB and Google aren't really liked.
    Though, I don't think a login should be much of an issue with all that, actually (please correct me if I'm wrong). Maybe @dfox wanted to keep things simple? He and trogus are the only people working on devRant.
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    @Floydian If they'd come with fb/google login buttons/abilities, I'd genuinely consider leaving here.
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    As petty as it sounds, implementing a Facebook or Google platform login would be my cue to walk away from devrant. There's a right time and place, and this is not it.
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    @Floydian Right. The business models of those two companies (fb/google) exists of selling user data. Next to that, both companies are integrated within the biggest mass (dragnet) surveillance program ever created. When a site/service integrates those buttons/abilities, they pretty much integrate their users into that mass surveillance network and that's an absolute no-go for me.
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    @Floydian True but that's just for sharing content and that's still manageable for me :) (although I don't like them by a long shot!)
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    @Floydian Locally I've got a pihole server now which entirely blocks out google/fb :)
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    @linuxxx I must thank you for letting us(i.e. me) know about pihole
    I'm using it via my VPS, to great effect.
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