It seems that linuxxx could post a rant detailing the growth phases of beans and people would ++ it through the roof. Fucking A man... Really makes the "top" page a boring read when 50% of it is random shit that he posted. Could use some fucking variety in here.

That's mostly aimed at the brainless people that instantly ++ popular people, not really at linuxxx.

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    @Alice That's crazy.

    @1989 I don't mind a war, sometimes they're needed
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    Just reading this now, define random shit? Also wondering if you're looking at the algo...
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    welcome to the winner-take-it-all distribution of social media (cp. https://paragkhanna.com/home/...) - human attention flows like money: it will be given to whom already accumulates the most.
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    @linuxxx Uhh I was long gone when you responded, sry 😀
    I can't remember exactly but whatever really. The top page was a proper one man show as I remember.
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    @phorkyas Yea, seems so
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