*dramatic music starts playing*

React native is...

*The fanfars of the damned are beating the eardrums, the ghostly wind of the past shudders through your hair. The echoes of the ones who came before pull you into the abyss as the messenger opens his mouth to speak once again.*

...pretty neat.

*Explosions can be heard in the distance as the great war of nations that shall shape the world for generations to come erupts in full force.*

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    No go on an apologize on every post in which you criticized r.n
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    @AleCx04 jokes on you, i criticized hybrid apps in general, turns out react is literally just transpiled to native java
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    @irene i used to be an author
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    @BindView jokes on you, the entire community already knew about that :P what made you use it btw?
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    @AleCx04 honestly im not sure, i wanted to build some quick warmup apps but my laptop cant really handle android studio
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